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Minelab Safari Metal Detector


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Safari combines deep, sensitive and accurate detecting for anyone demanding both simplicity and performance! Exceptionally versatile.



Minelab Military Discount

Active or Retired Military can receive a 15% Discount on unit only.  Must provide a copy of a DD 214 or Military ID to qualify. Call or email us  for details! 405-206-9010.

Minelab Safari Metal Detector

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Minelab Safari

Minelab’s latest and greatest metal detector is the all new, Full Band Spectrum (FBS) fueled Safari! Same great 28 multi-frequency technology used in the E-TRAC and Explorer SE Pro. Featuring four pre-programmed detection modes and four programmable user modes, the Safari is easy-to-use while continuing Minelab’s reputation for being cutting edge! Advanced, digital filtering will automatically eliminate and influence the ground signals for seamless detecting no matter what your field conditions may be!

Target Identification

With its High Trash Density setting, Target IDs and audio tones are updated when sweeping over closely spaced targets FAST! This improves the recovery of deeply buried high conductivity targets in a trashy environment and allows you to more accurately identify the type of target found.


Accurate and easy-to-use. Press the pinpoint button and watch the Safari zone in on the precise location of that precious target.

Detect Modes

With four pre-programmed detect modes you may choose from; Coin, Coin & Jewelry, Relic or All Metal. Each mode contains optimum settings for identifying the characteristics of preferred targets.

Key Features:
Length Adjustable from 43 to 54″
Weight 3.6 lbs excluding batteries
Coil 11″ lightweight, waterproof, Double D
Audio Output Internal speaker or headphones
Headphone Output 1/4″ stereo jack
Visual Display 64 x 128 pixel liquid crystal display
Transmission Full Brand Spectrum (FBS) Simultaneous multiple frequency transmission ranging from 1.5kHz to 100 kHz
Ground Rejection Ground Compensation – advanced digital filtering
Discrimination Linear (-10 to +40 discrimination options)
Custom Select Discrimination Yes (-10 to +40)
Detect Modes (Preset) 4 (Coin; Coin/Jewelry ; Relic; All Metal) Detect Modes (Personal) 4 (Programmable/Save)
Auto Noise Cancel (Scanning) Yes
Pinpoint Non-motion with audio and visual indicators
Sensitivity Adjustment Fully Automatic/Manual (0-20)
Threshold Adjustable (0-40)
Target Volume Adjustable (0-20)
Trash Density High/Low
Batteries 12V Alkaline Pack – 8 x 1.5 AA (batteries not included)
Patents US 4890064, US 5537041, US 5506506

Factory Included Accessories:

Detector Stand

11" DD Search Coil

11" DD Search Coil Cover

8AA Battery Holder (E-Series)

Additional Information

Manufacturer Minelab

Customer Reviews

Entry level FBS Review by ChampFerguson
If you're convinced that Minelab's FBS technology is for you(and you should be), the Safari is the lowest price point that you can enter this field. An excellent all-around detector with 4 factory preset hunt modes (coin, coin/jewelry, relic, all metal), you can hunt it right out of the box with virtually Auto-Everything. Or, if you like to tweak your machine, there's plenty you can do there too, including cross-saving your discrimination patterns in conductive or ferrous modes.

The biggest downside to a new Safari user is that you will hear every tone in the universe and you may go insane trying to understand what the Safari is telling you. It takes about 40-60 hours on the machine to gain a good understanding and learn it well enough to really get the most out of it. Of course, if you have experience with another FBS machine, you will pick up on the Safari's songs much quicker.

One important thing to note: the Safari is a silver hound like I have never seen before. Its like Minelab has some computer code written in it that says "if you detect a hint of silver, over ride Everything and sing the silver song". It is better at discriminating silver vs other good US coins better than my CTX (tho I have <100hrs on my CTX, so that could change).

-FBS is pricey. You get what you pay for.
-The Safari processor is the slowest FBS ime. Plenty fast, but you cant swing it as fast as an eTrac or CTX.

If you are willing to take the time to learn the machine and don't have the $$$ for a top of the line CTX, the Safari may be for you.

(ChampFerguson hangs out at BBH's Forums if you have any questions)
(Posted on 10/28/2014)
Hi David! Review by bigboyshobbies
Yes the Safari does a great job on the beach because of its 28 frequencies. The E-Trac has many more features and a bit faster recovery. Just depends on your hunting preference. I sent you a email with more information about both. Feel free to give me a call with more questions and a great deal on either! (Posted on 5/9/2013)
Good Evening Bart Review by David Dodd
I'm looking to purchase a new detector, I detect 75% of the time at the beach. I live close to the Atlantic Ocean in Lewes Delaware. The other 25% at old farms, my question is would you recommend the safari or the extract. I have been told that the safari has some difficult with plowed fields? I'm friends with Les Robinson and he recommended you. Looking forward hearing back.
Thanks David Dodd (Posted on 5/9/2013)

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