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Fisher F75 Metal Detector


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New lower price on Fisher F75 the Ultimate Detector! The metal detecting industry's premier relic hunting and general purpose metal detector. We will beat or match anyone's price!


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Fisher F75 Metal Detector with (DST) Digital Shielding Technology

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We will beat or match anyone’s price!

Big Boys Hobbies Fisher F75 Bundle includes:

  • Free padded Fisher carry bag
  • Coil Covers
  • Environmental cover with purchase!

Fisher Bundle for extra $149 also adds to BBH Bundle

  • Fisher 5" DD coil
  • Fisher Back Pack
  • Fisher Finds Pouch
  • Fisher Hat
  • Rechargable Battery pack and AA Batteries

Please call at any time with any questions you may have about our machines. Free technical support. All our machines ship free in lower 48.

Fisher F75 Advanced Visual & Audio Target ID Metal Detector

Better Performance in High-E.M.I. Environments. Even Better Target Separation! This top-of the line metal detector has all of the important features you would expect from a Fisher detector. Light and well balanced with a large LCD screen that shows you Target Identification, Target Confidence, Target Depth and it’s newest feature, Digital Shielding Technology (DST). DST permits the use of maximum sensitivity settings with minimum background noise. This noise reduction reduces user fatigue and enhances the detecting experience. You can hunt relics and artifacts with the All-Metal Mode, or discriminate (tune out) the junk targets. Best of all, you can use your F75 right out of the box! The F75 is an outstanding all-purpose metal detector. It’s most popular uses are finding coins, rings, and jewelry. It is also well suited to find relics, gold prospecting and beach hunting. Perfect for beginners to very experienced metal detector users. Reliable - Dependable - Trouble Free - High Quality - Affordable. Since 1931, 84 years ago, Fisher has been the most trusted name in Metal Detecting Equipment. When you purchase a Fisher metal detector you can have confidence that you are buying the best metal detector for your needs, whether searching for coins, rings jewelry and relics, or all sizes of gold nuggets. Fisher detectors have stood the test of time and gained the loyalty of hundreds of thousands of metal detector users from beginners to experienced professionals all over the world.


  • LCD Serialization Large
  • LCD Screen
  • Fully Adjustable Arm Rest
  • 4 Levels of Fe Tone (2F, 2h, 2L, 1N)
  • Notch and Discrimination Controls
  • Intuitive Menu-Driven User Interface
  • Enhanced Model with DST Technology
  • Visual Indicators for Important Values such as: Target Identification, Target Confidence, Target Depth (both running-depth and pinpoint-depth), Ground Mineralization
  • Display Backlight for Night and Low-Light Conditions
  • Ground Balancing Range : From Ferrite to Salt, Inclusive
  • Trigger-Actuated Target Pinpointing with Variable Audio Pitch
  • Covers Provided for Both the Control Housing and Battery Box
  • Trigger-actuated FASTGRAB™
  • Ground Balancing with Manual Override
  • Adjustable Audio Pitch carries over to Static Mode and Discrimination Mode
  • Lightweight and Well-Balanced : Best Ergonomically Engineered Detector in the Industry
  • Activate and Deactivate DST Mode (Digital Shielding Technology) for the Ultimate in EMI Suppression
  • FA (Fast Process) for Trash Laden Ground. Targets Respond with a Shorter Audio Duration for Improved Target Separation
  • Discrimination Ground Suppression : Combo of 2nd and 3rd Order Methods Allowing Smooth Operation on Different Types of Soil
  • Mechanical : S-Rod with Electronics Housing Mounted on Handgrip, 3-Piece Breakdown, Batteries under Elbow, 2-Way Armrest Adjustment Forward / Backward & Around Forearm


Key Features

• Lightest Weight / Best Ergonomics in the Industry

• Powerful Performance Trigger-Actuated Target Pinpointing with Variable Audio Pitch

• Large LCD Screen with 0-99 Numeric Target Identification Display

• Double-Filter Discrimination Modes for Searching in Trashy Areas

• Magnetic Mineralization Bar Graph and Readout

• Trigger-Actuated FASTGRAB™ Ground Balance

• Non-Volatile Memory Saves Settings

• Backlight – For Low Light Hunting Conditions

• Low Operating Cost – Typically 40+ Hours with 4-AA Alkaline Batteries

• Double-D Waterproof Search Coil

• Rain Cover for Control Housing & Battery Housing Available 

Recommended for:

• Coin Shooting
• Relic Hunting
• Beach Hunting

Technical Specifications:

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Weight : 3.5 lbs (1.6 kgs)
  • Operating Frequency : 13 kHz 1
  • 1" DD Open-Frame Search Coil
  • Batteries : (4) AA
  • Battery Life : 30 Hours
  • Search Modes : 3 Plus Electronic Pinpoint Discrimination, Static All-Metal, Motion All-Metal, Pinpoint
  • Operating Principle : VLF Induction Balance
  • Operating Humidity Range : 0-90% Non-Condensing
  • Operating Temp Range : 4 to +122 ° F (-20 to +50 ° C)
  • Resistive Overload : Approx. 1,200 micro-cgs units (volume susceptibility) - 4,800 micro-cgs units with Sensitivity < 30
  • Reactive Overload : Approx. 10,000 micro-cgs units (volume susceptibility) - 40,000 micro-cgs units with Sensitivity < 30

Additional Information

Manufacturer Fisher

Customer Reviews

A winner. Review by CoiltoSoil
The F75 is not only super light but also super fast. The recovery speed and depth are unbelievable. The detector will run for 60-80 hours on 4 aa batteries. The large LCD gives a ton of target information at once (vdi, notch, confidence meter, soil Fe content, depth, etc) so no need to switch through menus. It is very simple to use, yet very deep seeking (one of the deepest, if not the deepest detector on the market). Unbeatable for hunting old coins and relics. (Posted on 11/6/2014)
Fisher F75 Review by FindandDetect
I've had a Fisher F75 for 4 years now and will probably never part with it. Just sent mine into Fisher to get the new upgrade (Just got to El Paso today). I had a normal SE without BP at the start then decided to get LTD. I've found numerous items from pre-Civil War to now. The F75 is also really sensitive to small gold items and even more so with the 5" coil. I even convinced a buddy of mine to get one and when we are out relic hunting I know we won't be missing much. It's still a decent coin hunter too, but you may want to lower the sensitivity down in trashy areas because it will pick up small pieces of metal. Great machine and very well pleased with it's performance. (Posted on 11/3/2014)
Fisher F75 Review by Dirt Fisher
I have owned a F75 for 2 years now and it is awesome. Easy to learn, very light, well balanced, and battery life is amazing. First Texas is a stand up company warranty wise. I accidentally broke my screen with my lesche shovel and they fixed it for free. Knowing that it was 100% my fault it broke. I would recommend this machine to anyone! (Posted on 9/25/2014)

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