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Fisher F2 Pin Pointer Kit


Availability: Out of stock

The Fisher F2 Offers Visual & Audio Target ID Metal Detector Versatile Multipurpose Performance. No Other Entry Level Machine Can Match.



Fisher F2 Metal Detector With Fisher F Point, 4″ and 8″ Open Search Coils

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Comes with Fisher F2, Fisher F Point and Fisher 4″ sniper coil. We will beat or match anyone’s price!

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Fisher F2 Metal Detector with extra coil and F Point

The sensitivity of the Fisher F2 has earned rave reviews from both first time users and experienced detectorists. It has found items as deep as 10″ in various soil types with medium sensitivity. Meanwhile the Pinpointing feature allows you to hone in on specific items. The Fisher F2 features a large control panel with seven big push buttons and an equally big display. The control panel is very simple to operate, making this an excellent detector for beginners. The light weight of the Fisher F2 combined with the adjustable arm cuff will keep you hunting for hours! Locates hard to find treasures and saves digging time. Fisher’s simple to use design makes locating elusive targets easy in any environment.

Key Features

• 8-Segment visual target identification and 4-tone audio I.D.

• Fast, sensitive target response

• 2-digit numeric target value

• One-touch pinpoint with numeric depth readout

• Coin depth indicator in motion search mode

• 8” concentric searchcoil

• Light weight – only 2.6 lbs including batteries

• Ergonomic S-Handle design

• Notch system for accepting or rejecting target categories

• Includes two 9 volt alkaline batteries

• Operating frequency: 5.9 kHz

Recommended for:

• Coin Shooting
• Relic Hunting
• Beach Hunting

Additional Information

Manufacturer Fisher

Customer Reviews

A multiple coil F2 combo pack from Bart is one of the best values on the market today Review by digger27

Beginner's detector? I know one of the best!

So you are thinking about getting into this great hobby but are real confused an what detector to get.
Can’t blame you at all…lots of info out there and plenty of opinions.
Here is mine, and keep in mind I have thought this out very logically and try to put myself in a newbies shoes when considering what would be the easiest, most productive and most fun detector to start with in the beginners price point compared to all others.

The unit I am going to recommend is the Fisher F2 for several reasons.
I believe the 2 coil package it is the absolute best value you can get on the market today in the $200 range...same with the 3 coil package if you would like that larger 10" coil for a little more depth over the standard 8" coil.
I bought mine as a backup/guest/take on vacation detector only in mid August 2010, but it turned out to be so much fun to use and so productive for me I ended up using it way more than I ever planned..
As far as time it took to get pretty good with it...maybe a couple of weeks to get decent, a few months to get way better, but I did have experience with others before I bought this one.

Bounty Hunter’s are good, but I had a lower end one and to get decent depth and features that will really help out a new person I believe you have to go over that $200 to achieve that.

The Ace 250 from Garrett has been one of the most popular models since it’s introduction and plenty of people find some great stuff with it at that same $200 range, but there are a few features that I MUST have on any detector I swing and the F2 comes out a little ahead then the Ace and most others in these areas.

1). Target separation.
This is the ability to pick up a good target even if it right next to trash.
I have 3 coils for my 8” standard, a 10” and a small sniper coil.
Even though the smaller coil is best for working in trashy environments, the 8 and 10 inch coils are no slouches in this area, either.

2). Rapid recovery speed.
This feature is the ability to pass over an object, like a nail or pull tab for instance, and recover fast enough to sense a good target near it, or next to it if it is real good at this.
When a detector gets a signal there is a lag time before it resets to pick up the next target and this lag time is different on most brands and models of detectors.
I tend to swing a little fast, sometimes, so I tend to pick out detectors that are a little more forgiving in this area…and the Fisher F series detectors are all like this.
Going slow and heavy overlapping is the best way to hunt because giving your chosen detector a chance to lock onto a target has to do with it’s abilities and your sweep speed..and sometimes I can be a little rushed.
I sure don’t want to miss anything good if I can help it, and there are many detectors out there that will miss much if you happen to pass by the target too swiftly…sometimes even way slower than the F2 can usually handle.

I also own a couple of Tesoro detectors with no screen.
I firmly believe that hunting by sound is the best way to do this hobby, once you learn those type of skills that will help you out immensely now and in the future no matter what kind of detector you end up swinging..with a screen or without.
Once you learn the “language” of any detector you should be able to find some great stuff and dig a little less trash, however when you are brand new dealing with not only the sounds but a screen with some extra information it can give you can be a little easier learning process…a little less frustrating while you are learning the basics, too.
That being said, I do use my F2 like a sound only unit and only look at that screen when I hear a good tone.
This is because of my history with that no screen type before I bought it, and no matter what detector you swing that screen is only telling you what the detector “thinks” it is sensing under that coil.
They are not right 100% of the time and make no mistake if you believe them all the time it could make you lazy because you will dig less targets overall, and there is a great possibility you could miss something very good.

Be that as it may, the screen on the F2 will give you some very good information on what is under the ground if you learn it’s language and learn to read all information on that screen in front of you including target information and how that information is presented.
As I said, this is a little easier for the very new people to deal with vs. a detector with no screen and a little less in your face information.

On the F2 screen, along with the icons like on the Ace 250 which indicates penny, quarter, dime tab, foil and so on, there are actual VDI numbers that will give you an even clearer idea of what you are swinging over.
For instance nickels on the F2 have numbers that range from the high 20’s into the mid 30’s that all say nickel and are in that nickel area…but I have learned that a real nickel is usually going to be a 33.
This is not 100%…nothing in this hobby ever is…but this kind of information can help you be a little less frustrated digging tabs and other trash instead of nickels when you are learning and shiny new at this.

Lots of people got into this hobby but because they had no guidance, or picked a hard unit to master as their first, they get frustrated out of the hobby almost as fast as they got into it.
If you have the littlest amount of patience this should not happen, in my opinion, because if you do a little research before you buy, and seek out help and guidance after, it won’t take very long to get by that initial learning curve frustration we all went through those first few weeks and begin to really enjoy this hobby as it was meant to be enjoyed…and make no mistake for lots of us this is one of, if not the most enjoyable hobbies ever, kind of addicting too.

There is plenty of help out there from the community, which is usually a nicer more helpful bunch than most, and this includes this forum, our club members, several other forums and videos on you tube.

Compared to 30 and 40 years ago, the technology is so advanced and the help is so abundant if you know where to look and practice what you learn from the more experienced people, it won’t take very long at all to get good enough at this stuff in a relatively short amount of time to really enjoy yourself.

Getting back to the F2, there is a reason I stated this is the best value on the market today in a beginner’s unit...although I have always thought of the F2 as NOT a beginners unit but a top end unit that is simply missing a few whistles and bells.

Several packages available, but the most popular one is the two coil deal that is offered by most dealers.
You will get an F2, a standard 8” coil good for hunting most areas and a small sniper coil that is excellent for using in some more trashy sites.
Remember that target separation thing I mentioned above?
The smaller coils available for most brands and models of detectors are the best at this, and in this F2 package it is only $15.
There are coils on the market that can cost you way over that…$100-$200 or even more, so this extra coil is a steal at this bargain price.
On top of that, Fisher will also throw in with this package a hand held pinpointer which is not great, but will work well enough when you are just starting out to help you find those dirt colored targets in and out of the hole…
A skill that is not easy to do just by looking when you are brand new.
There are better pin pointers than this on the market, and if you stay in this hobby you will probably get one someday, but for the price, (free!), it can definitely be helpful.

I got pretty good at using the F2, some guys on other forums say I am close to an expert, but I just have the ability to learn very quickly and observe what is happening and retain and use that information to help me out on the next hunt.
I am far from an expert, in my humble opinion, but I do know a lot about this wonderful little unit, among others, and I am happy to share what I know on the forum on this site and many others I am a member of.

I have written much about how I hunt with this unit and what I have learned to help me get the best out of it and I have had dozens of new owners contact and thank me because they purchased the great F2 because of this information and are very happy they did.

I have found 31 gold targets in my short 4.5 years in this hobby so far and more than half of them were found with the F2 and more often than not I had the sniper coil mounted when I did.
About $1000 in clad, silver rings and chains of all kinds and relics are also now part of my collection because I used the F2, not to mention so many other great finds like a very rare token that only 5 or less were known to exist before the F2 easily found this one.
I am amazed that this is considered just a beginners unit considering how well it works and what you can find if you take the time to learn it.

You want to find coins?
This is a beast!


Oh yea!

And just about anything else out there to find, this one will be able to do it.
Trust me, I know.

Happy Hunting (Posted on 11/1/2014)
Fisher F2 fast and accurate Review by smc
I have only had the F2 a fe months, I'm primarily a coin shooter. I have found twice as many coins as I did with my whites coinmaster. (Posted on 9/18/2013)

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