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  • Did someone say free metal detector carry bag?

    Free metal detector carry bag contest by joining our forum and telling us which bag you want.

    Thanks again for you support of BBH Metal Detectors!

  • Garrett ATX 8" Mono coil now available!

    Garrett released the Garrett ATX 8" mono coil. This coil is a hot one!

  • Free Garrett Pro Pointer!

    Sign up for our BBH forum and make 1 post and your automatically entered into our FREE Garrett Pro Pointer contest! The more you post the more chances you have to win!

    Click here for details on the Free Garrett Pro Pointer!

  • New Big Boys Hobbies Metal Detecting Forum!

    We are proud to announce the new BBH Metal Detecting Forum. Please sign up and post to be entered into the free Fisher F2 Give A Way!

  • So you want a backup metal detector for your friends when they go detecting with you?

    Many of us have a friend or coworker that wants to go try metal detecting but knows nothing about it. They want to come with us but we do not want to overload them with a highly complicated metal detector that will confuse them or a detector that you will have to baby sit them with for hours. On the other hand you do not want to give them a inferior made in China detector either. Maybe even a detector you can use yourself when your not using your high end expensive metal detector and just want a change for a bit?

    Enter in the Fisher F2 metal detector made here in the USA! Our favorite beginner or backup metal detector! It is a very lightweight metal detector and has many features for the money. Not to mention a long 5 year warranty!

    • It has a pin point button to locate your target before you dig.
    • Visual ID target numbers or VID so that you can learn the corresponding #'s to the targets you like to dig before you cut a plug.
    • A fixed ground balance
    • It goes deep and stable machine
    • A perfect VLF frequency for general hunting and coins at 5.9 kHz
    • 8 segments visual ID or VID
    • 4 audio tones
    • coin depth indicator
    • 8" concentric coil
    • Notch system
    • lightweight at only 2.6 pounds

    As you can see it has tons of feature for the $. Very hard to beat this detector! Not to mention its around the $200 mark so it wont break the bank. It is a great detector to throw in the trunk (in a padded bag of course) and scope out potential new metal detecting spots when you come across them too!

    Feel free to contact us at BBH metal detectors for your best deal on the Fisher F2 or any other machine we sell. We use these metal detectors ourselves and can give you real world experience and tips! We offer lifetime support with tips and tricks. Call us anytime! ;)

    Happy Hunting!

  • What is the best beginner Metal Detector?

    The age old question of I am a beginner, which metal detector should I choose?  Its a very hard question to answer as everyones detecting style and budget varies. Most people want to be able to hit gold nuggets, dive with their metal detector, hunt relics, find coins, hit the salt water beaches and dig only good targets. Truth is no one metal detector can do all that, maybe some day!

    I generally ask which is the most important target you want to find and what is your budget? Then we go from there.  Most often they want to find coins and jewelry and have a budget of $300 or less. This gives us several great options for a new metal detector!

    The Fisher F2 metal detector is always my first pick because of price and all its features. It has a very fast recovery speed so that is great for trashy areas. It helps you hear separate targets close together and get a separate signal on each one. Has (VID) visual ID numbers for targets, pin point feature, good depth and a long 5 year warranty.

    Next is the Garrett Ace 250 and Garrett Ace 350. Both are great beginner metal detectors in the price range. The 350 has a DD coil design and a bit more even coverage on your swing. Maybe a bit more depth as well. They have been around awhile and Garrett is an excellent name in the industry.

    The newest metal detector on that market is the Teknetics Euro Tek Pro.  It is fast becoming my go to metal detector for the beginner or experienced dirt fisher. It has an adjustable iron audio feature that allows you to set the iron volume wherever you want it in relation to the good target audio range. Very helpful in high iron areas so you can hear the iron but not constantly blowing your ears off with loud audio. When you then go over a good target the audio is louder and more pronounced. Very cool feature to have!

    As always we love to help answer question and get you set up with quality detectors and accessories. We do not bundle junk items and over inflate the prices to make you seem like your getting more.  Call us at 405-206-9010 or email us at and we can often make better deals than shown on our site and still do the free shipping!

  • Minelab Pro Find 25 Pin Pointer

    Minelab Pro Find 25 Pin Pointer will be available first half of 2012.

    1.Easy to use 2. Proportional audio and vibration response 3. Adjustable sensitivity 4. Two mode operation Audio and vibrate or Vibrate only. 5. LED light 6. Water resistant 7. Probe side sensitivity 8. Durable holster included 9. Auto power off
  • Minelab E-Trac coil testing

    I just picked up Coiltek line of coils so I wanted to test the new Joey 5X10" DD coil against the Sunray X-5 coil and the stock Minelab E-Trac coil with some controlled environment air testing. We all know air testing doesn't give proper depth but it will give us an idea. What I found out was surprising.

    First up the Minelab E-Trac stock Pro coil,

    1. In auto +3 sensitivity 19, stock coins program it was able to hit a silver dime easily at 9". Audio response all the way to 11"
    2. Manual sensitivity at 30 it hit a silver dime at 11.5" easily. Audio response all the way to 13"

    With screen all the way open no change in either mode.

    Second 5X10" joey coil.

    1. In auto +3 sensitivity 19, stock coins program it was able to hit a silver dime easily at 8". Audio response all the way to 10".
    2. Manual sensitivity at 30 it hit a silver dime at 9" easily. Audio response all the way to 11".

    With screen all the way open no change in either mode.

    Third Sunray X-5 coil.

    1. In auto +3 sensitivity 19, stock coins program it was able to hit a silver dime easily at 7". Audio response all the way to 9"
    2. Manual sensitivity at 30 it hit a silver dime at 8" easily. Audio response all the way to 10".

    With screen all the way open no change in either mode.

    My conclusion is discrimination on the Minelab E-Trac doesn't really lose depth if any at all. Sensitivity however does lose depth. The Coiltek Joey coil may separate a bit better than stock Pro coil but not get the depth. If you want a trash coil use the Sunray X-5 coil. Much better separation than the Joey and close to same depth.

    Anyone with questions feel free to contact me! Love to help you or make you better deals! Thanks, Bart.

  • Relic Hunt with Steve Moore from Garrett Metal Detectors

    Here is the video from our 2 day hunt with Steve Moore from Garrett Metal Detectors and Evan "GoneHunting". We found several buttons, round balls and old Civil War relics. I am mainly a coin hunter but had a blast learning from Steve and Evan. They were using the Garrett AT Gold. I was using the Garrett AT Pro including when I found the cannon ball.

    Want to thank Steve Moore for coming down and Brian with Garrett for chasing us around the woods to film us goofballs. Thanks to the Man upstairs for allowing us to have such a good day and hunt.

    Hope you enjoy the video!


  • Found a cannon ball out Civil War relic hunting with a Garrett AT Pro!

    Went relic hunting at a Civil War site here in Oklahoma yesterday with Steve Moore from Garrett and GoneHunting a friend of mine. I am a coin shooter by heart but after yesterday with all the bullets and buttons we dug I might have a change of heart! This find might seal the deal for good. We all had a great day overall and enjoyed the 30 degree weather! Finding the cannon ball warmed me right up! It measure 3 1/2" across and from reference charts I have seen it is a 6 pounder. I was using a Garrett AT Pro with stock 8.5 X 11" DD coil. It rang in at 98 and 99 as you will see in video.

    I have to thank the man up stairs for such a great find and a good time with friends!

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