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  • Minelab Equinox Software Update is Here!

    One of the biggest benefits of the latest generation of metal detectors is the ability to keep its software upto date and get all the new settings as and when they are released. Minelab have just released their latest software update for the Equinox series (600 and 800)

    Click here to read all about the update, you'll find the software links and full instructions at the bottom of this PDF.

    Included with this update is:

    Silver Target Indication

    IDs for silver coins on edge have been improved.

    Depth Gauge Indications

    The depth gauge is more accurate and stable at all depths.

    General Updates

    General improvements to the user interface and user profile functions.

  • Metal detectorist finds U.S. curler’s Olympic ring!

    Great story here form NBC Sports!

    Curler John Landsteiner lost his U.S. Olympic ring on Huntington Beach in California. Doctor Rings & Things found it.

    Landsteiner, part of the first U.S. Olympic champion curling team from February, dropped the ring about 10 to 20 feet into the Pacific Ocean on July 19, while he was in Southern California to attend the ESPY Awards, according to Reddit.

    Landsteiner turned to Reddit and metal-detecting websites, posting the coordinates of where he lost it, hoping it washed ashore and that a sincere stranger could find it.

    Enter Leon Jones, aka Doctor Rings & Things. Jones is a regular treasure hunter, posting his searches on YouTube. Jones found the ring this week and, through local TV station KTLA, video chatted with Landsteiner.

    “It means a lot to me,” Landsteiner said, according to KTLA, adding that he will fly to California to take Jones out to dinner. “Tears were shed the night it disappeared.”

    Rings are given to all U.S. Olympians, not just those who earn medals. Landsteiner’s last name was engraved on the ring, helping Jones identify its owner.

    “I watch curling all the time,” Jones said.

  • XP Deus Update V5 is Out Now!

    The new update is available on the XP deus webite which adds some further expert mode functionality and additional settings. you can get all the information by clicking here to visit XP Deus website.

    It's important you keep all your software upto date to make sure you're not missing on any security features, or any new functionality that gets added with each version.

    XP Deus WS4 / WS5 Headphone new features:

    • Reactivity
    • TX Power
    • Automatic Ground Tracking
    • Frequency offset (35 frequencies with the new X35)
    • Iron volume
    • Audio Response

    XP Deus Version 5 offers the following updates:




  • Apple or Android while Metal Detecting?


    When you go metal detecting what phone do you use? Apple iPhone or a Android such as  Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus? Are phones a help or hindrance while metal detecting??

  • BBH Is Proud To Introduce Nokta Metal Detectors To Its Lineup


    We're excited to announce that we have recently launched a new category on our website for Nokta Metal Detectors. 

    The Nokta Impact series are hailed as some of the best "all round" multi frequency detectors on the market currently and we're excited what their future technology will bring.

    You can check out our Nokta Impact metal detector packages here and if you have any questions, as always feel free to contact us at any time.

  • XP Deus V5 update and New XP Deus X35 coils!

    Over the years, the XP DEUS has continued to evolve, especially with the FREE software updates allowing the user to benefit from our advancing technology without the need to buy a new machine.

    XP have been regularly introducing new accessories, such as the MI-6 pin pointer which connects directly to the DEUS, let’s not forget the super light and incredibly stable new HF coils which have taken the Deus to a new level.

    This month XP are pleased to announce the upcoming release of 3 new search coils for the DEUS accompanied by a new FREE version 5 update which will also be available soon.


    The X35 search coils:
    Designed around brand new electronic advances, these new high performance and versatile coils will allow you to choose from a wide range of frequencies ranging from 3.7kHz to 27.7kHz. In total there are 35 available frequencies, based around 5 main frequencies that are quickly accessible.


    A new Boost mode is now an option on frequencies 3.7Khz to 4.4 kHz and can significantly increase detection depth on highly conductive targets, such as large masses and large Silver coins. For added performance on such targets we recommend the larger coils such as the 34/28 cm (13” x11”) or the 28cm (11”) round coil. These new coils will be available as options at the same prices as the previous coils from the end of July 2018, and they will be supplied as standard with the DEUS from September 2018.

    X35 coil main characteristics: écran deus v5v4

    Total of 35 frequencies – 5 main frequencies with 7 wide offsets 3.7 to 4.4kHz, 7.1 to 8.4kHz, 10.5 to 12.4kHz, 15.2 to 17.8kHz, 23.5 to 27.7kHz
    Selectable frequency offset without loss of performance.
    TX power adjustment is available on all frequencies and offsets
    Special Low frequency TX Boost feature:
    Normal or Boost option – The transmitted power has 2 selectable levels when using frequencies 3.7Khz to 4.4kHz.
    The BOOST mode significantly increases the transmission power of the transmitting coil, allowing greater detection levels if the soil conditions allow.
    TX boost is a special mode, the battery life of the coil may be reduced down to 6 hours.
    The overall battery life of the x35 coil has improved on most frequencies by +10% to +40%
    High frequencies 23- 27.7kHz – Excellent sensitivity to low conductive targets and small targets.
    Better overall stability
    The X35 coils are available in 22cm (9”), 28cm (11”) and 34 / 28cm (13” x11”) and will work with the DEUS in version 5.


    The new update allows you to accept and use the X35 coils and all their features listed above without the need to buy a completely new detector! Also the version 5 update includes some new features to the WS4 and WS5 wireless headphones, now they have become even more versatile!


    WS4 / WS5 new features:
    TX Power
    Automatic Ground Tracking
    Frequency offset (35 frequencies with the new X35)
    Iron volume
    Audio Response

  • Be Careful, Fake AT Pro Pointers are hitting the market

    We're seeing various reports of fake Garrett AT Pro pointers circulating, mostly from eBay. The fakes seem to be using an almost identical hard shell (though slightly different shade of orange) with good looking box, case and paperwork but the cap and internals are very cheap. These fakes are unreliable and not protected by any warranty. We always advise against purchasing from international sellers, especially via eBay. If you are looking to buy a Garrett AT Pro pointer, please purchase directly from an authorized Garrett Dealer. It's really important to note, the fakes are NOT waterproof as you can see in the pictures.

    The images are from the Garrett AT Pro Users Facebook Group:

  • Custom, Hand Made CTX 3030 Lower Rods? Yes Please!

    We'd like to announce a brand new vendor for BBH, Steve's Detector Rods!

    Steve's Detector rods are made of the highest quality materials, right here in the USA, in his shop in Norman, OK. What sets these CTX 3030 rods apart is the price and build quality. These rods have exceptional hand-assembled levels of detail and quality, they are made from carbon fiber tubes with engineering grade plastics to sustain the test of time.

    We're excited to add this product to our store and stand behind these rods 100%. Check them out now! Steves CTX Custom Hand Built Lower Rod

  • The Many Life Benefits of Metal Detecting!

    Metal detecting has always been a great form of exercise, walking the fields and parks, swinging a sometimes 20lb machine around hunting for treasure, but there are many other great benefits besides exercise that come with metal detecting:

    - Great social experiences. most people love to approach metal detectorists when they are in public places like parks and beaches. the hobby can sometimes look strange yet exciting at the same time to onlookers who may be curious about the hobby or if you've had any success on the day, metal detecting is always a great way to meet new people!

    - Good family bonding activity! having family members interested in metal detecting? bring them along! kids especially love the thrill of the hunt. Sposes should be encourage to give it a try at least once too, you never know, you could get them hooked too and have a full time partner for your hunts!

    - Financial benefits saving all that clad really pays off. most new detectorists can fully pay off their detector purchase within the first couple of years with clad alone if your good about keeping it! those quarters and dimes really do add up! then take into account the rare finds, like jewelry and older coins and you could be onto a real financial winner, far outweighing the initial cost of your equipment!

    What are you waiting for? call us or jump on live chat any time and find a great deal on your next metal detector, we're always just a call or click away and would love to see you out in the field!

  • Mothers Day and Metal Detecting?

    Mothers Day and metal detecting are two things that usually are not in common. Most of the time we associated Mothers day with spending time with mom at home. Sometimes that can mean cooking breakfast for her in bed, Taking her for to a nice restaurant that she likes or simply showing up with a card and a hug.

    Many of us however are lucky enough for out Wife or Mom that likes to detect as much as we do or maybe even more. We have customers all the time call us wanting a machine for their wife because she keeps "borrowing" his. ha ha Metal Detecting is a great way to get outside got some exercise and spend time with each other while digging up the loot!

    Happy Mothers Day from Bart at BBH Metal Detectors!

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