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  • Garrett AT MAX is here!

    Check out the all new Garrett AT MAX Metal Detector with all the features we are asking for in one machine!

    Comes with New Garrett MS-3TM Z-Lynk Wireless Headphones included. NO MORE WIRES! True All metal Mode. New Backlight, More detection depth, larger display and much more!

    Be sure to call us at 405-206-9010 or email us at to reserve yours. The Garrett AT MAX will be a very limited supply and extremely popular!

    Expected in late June or July 2017.

  • How to clean your metal detecting finds

    Finding treasure while metal detecting is great, but getting it home and cleaning it up can be even better. You must take great care when cleaning gold, silver and other precious metals, especially older pieces that may have been buried for many years. follow these tips to best care for and clean up your newly aquired metal detecting finds!
    Important note, check the date of your coins before moving forward with cleaning, the last thing you want to do is potentially damage a valuable date incorrectly cleaning a rare coin.
    - Dipping: This is the best method for cleaning gold and silver, without using any abrasion. Fill a small glass or jar with an ammonia solution and let your find soak for a short period (a minute or two to begin) and wipe clean gently with a cotton cloth, repeat the process as necessary.
    - Soapy hot water: most finds that don't have much history (like modern coins and trinkets) can be cleaned with a standard washing up detergent and a gentle scrub with a sponge. Be careful not to scrub too hard though, especially jewelry with set stones as they can become loose.
    - Take your time: Probably the most important tip is to take your time while cleaning anything that may be valuable. These relics and old coins have survived many years buried in the earth, over cleaning and polishing may actually heavily devalue your find. Do research before committing to cleaning and polishing!
  • New XP DEUS 9" Round Waterproof DD High Frequency Search Coil

    Pricing is out on the new XP DEUS 9" Round Waterproof DD High Frequency Search Coil!

    No availability yet but keep checking our website for updates!


    Minelab Metal Detectors introduced a new wireless system for use with ANY metal detector! These will be here any day and we are excited to try the Minelab Pro-Sonic Wireless System out!

    Check them out and let us know what you think!

  • The New Tesoro Mojave Metal Detector is out!

    Check out the latest update form Tesoro Metal Detectors! The all new The New Tesoro Mojave Metal Detector!

    Let us know what do you think of it!

  • I want to go beach metal detecting. What detector do I need?

    Beach metal detecting can by far be the most profitable and most fun for the detectorist. Not to mention the easiest to dig! ha ha Gold rings add up quick with todays gold prices! Most often a couple found rings can pay for you detector or come real close to it. If your like me the exercise is an added bonus! The beach view is not bad either!

    Serious beach detectors come in two main groups but really any machine will work but just not as good as the first two. Especially in dry sand.

    Group 1 is not my favorite do to the excessive digging for bobby pins at 12" that sound like good targets. PI machine or Pulse Induction like the Garrett Sea Hunter, Garrett Infinium and Whites Dual Field Surf Master are very deep and sensitive machine but all lack good discrimination. That is just par for the course on PI machines. As I said you wate a good amount of time digging bad targets when you could be on to your next good target if the machine could tell the difference. PI machines are not BAD per say because you do get more depth and sensitivity but pay for it in lack of discrimination. Still many people prefer to the dig them all mentality and love the PI machines. Not me...

    Group 2 are the multifrequency VLF machines like the Minelab Excalibur II, Fisher CZ-21 and Minelab CTX 3030. The discrimination is MUCH improved on these metal detectors but you do lose a bit of depth and sensitivity. You get payed back by being able to skip over obviously bad targets so you can move on to the next gold ring hopefully! They do a MUCH better job hearing iron targets and properly identifying them. Although no machine is perfect on this they are much better than most. the multifrequency helps penetrate the high mineral content in the salt water and properly ID your next gold pendant! haha

    Other good single frequency machines like the Garrett AT Pro and Whites MX Sport are waterproof to 10 feet and do a great job in the dry sand and sometimes even the damp sand can be used as well. When you get in the surf they often become very erratic and you have to turn sensitivity way down to compensate. Nulling out any chance at deeper targets. Both companies claim these machines to work in the salt and they do but just not very well. Dry sand they are great! Wet sand not so well. In the actual surf?... ehhhh Now fresh water they are AMAZING! Go jump in any pond or creek and go to town!

    As always if you have any questions or looking for a better deal call or email us. We would be glad to work with you and get you set up correctly to find the next lost pirates chest full of gold coins!

    Bart at

  • Finding new and exciting areas to metal detect, the right way.

    Are you an urban detector? hitting up the parks and sports fields and schools? Looking for a bit more history but don't know where to start? Here's our top tips for finding new spots to metal detect!
    1. Check out historical maps. there are many free resources online that have databases of old maps dating back hundreds of years, if your hunting for history, you can gather a lot of insights using these free services. Old schools, churches and battlefields often yield amazing results for historical finds while metal detecting!
    2. Advertise on craigslist! A lot of private property owners would love the chance of someone who wants to politely and respectful metal detect on their land. You can offer to split the haul, clear any trash and give the owner any insights as to what was on the land before they purchased it.
    3. Good old fashion door to door. If you've had your eye on a certain area that's privately owned, don't be afraid to approach the owner and ask permission, what's the worst that can happen! Once you get a property get to know their neighbors as well.  Example, I detected the Jones’s house on the corner and wondered if I might be able to check your yard as well?
    4. BLM / public land. Another great option is publicly owned land. Be very careful and check with local, state and federal laws before digging but a lot of public land is available to detect on, many resources for researching BLM / Public lands are available online for free.
    Do you have any other good tips for finding new spots to metal detect on? feel free to leave us a comment below and let us know!
  • Garrett Pro Pointer AT the best Metal Detecting Pin Pointer on the market?

    Over the years several pin pointers have hit the market. From the good ole American made Garrett Pro Pointer to cheap knock off Pin Pointers. Some good, some not so good.

    Price range for the cheap knock off pin pointers started at around $89 but we quickly realized the companies behind them not only did not support the customer but their dealers as well. At BBH Metal Detectors we like to provide tools that we ourselves would use in the field. Have a busted or malfunctioning Pin pointer after a 2 hour trip to hit a one time permission hunt is not what we call fun. We had to stop dealing with anything but 100% proven Pin Pointers and stick with what works!

    The Garrett AT Pro Pointer is what we call THE best pin pointer on the market today. It is not overly big. Great on and off feature that is easy to reach. Hot all the way down the tip making it very easy to check sides of the holes. Water proof to 10 feet and the vibration is great even with thick gloves on. This is why we prefer The Garrett AT Pro Pointer over all the pointers out today.

    Feel free to call or email us with questions on it or anything else we sell!

    Happy Hunting!

  • What does ground balancing mean and how does it effect my metal detector?

    Ground balancing a metal detector can be a bit confusing and troublesome. We hope to clear some of it up here.

    A metal detector that is properly ground balanced can allow it to perform much better and give a deeper and more accurate  target id of what is in the ground.

    Ground balancing is a process of canceling out the effects of ground mineralization and letting the detector only read the new targets and not the ground and the target.  In a way it is a form of discrimination but in a good way.  When you ground balance a detector what you are hoping to do is find the proper balance between the effects of the ground and not be positive or negative of a ground balance.

    A positive ground balance setting can cause the minimization to produce a response just like a a good target if set to high. Especially if your sensitivity is set to high along with it. If this happens you can potentially miss good targets being masked by the detector seeing only the mineralization and not the good target.

    A to negative ground balance setting can cause the detector to not see the ground minimization and or any new targets. Machine will run more quietly but you will experience a noticeable loss of depth on your detector.  Neither of which is good.

    A good balance between a negative setting and a positive setting is a must to active maximum depth and good target id for your metal detector.  Generally fixed ground balance machines are slightly positive on the ground balance so it will works well in more conditions and soil types. Being a tiny bit positive on the detectors ground balance helps the machine run a bit smoother as well.

    If you have any more questions as always feel free to call us direct or email us. Be glad to help you at Big Boys Hobbies Metal Detectors!

  • What is your favorite brand of Metal Detector and why?

    Please leave a comment below letting us know what  your favorite brand of metal detector and why. What machine specifically is yours?

    Depth? Customer service? Machines ability in trash? Made in America?

    Let us know!

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