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Monthly Archives: January 2019

  • What is the difference in the XP Deus and XP ORX Metal Detector?

    Are you looking to buy either the XP Deus or XP ORX metal detector but are confused with what features they lack? Here is a quick overview of what makes them different.

    Firstly, the XP ORX is lighter. 40 grams less to be exact. The weight loss comes from the lighter shaft. It is injected molded now and all out of plastic. Probably not all that noticeable to swing but it may not end up as sturdy of a machine as the XP Deus.

    Another big thing that the ORX lacks is all the frequencies in the new X35 coils for the XP Deus. The Deus can run 35 frequencies on the new X35 coils. The ORX can only handle 21. Xp can go as low as 3.7 Khz. ORX has a low of 13 Khz. Everyone knows he lower the frequency the more depth you can achieve. Will the ORX be as deep as the Deus?? Might need to do some DEUS vs ORX testing to find out!

    The XP Deus also has 11 preset programs where the ORX only has 4+2. I mean who doesn't like preset programs to tweak when starting out?

    The XP Deus has an advanced menu that allows unlimited tweaking to really bring out the best in the machine. This is a huge factor for guys that like to turn down the iron and really become "ONE" with their machine! Sadly the ORX does not have an advanced menu which means no serious tweaking for this hard hit sites to bring out the coins and hidden relics that were missed.

    The headphones on the ORX can not control the machine like the XP wireless WS-4 phones and XP Wireless WS-5 phones can. No more leaving your XP Deus remote in the truck and doing your tweaking with the phones on the ORX. The Wireless phones on the ORX are just speakers only. No screen or buttons other than the on/off switch.

    If you have any other questions or want a better deal than listed on the XP Deus or XP ORX than listed on our website feel free to call us at 405-206-9010 or email us at

    Happy hunting, Bart

  • Where are the good places to go Metal Detecting?

    The first step in going metal detecting is finding a good metal detector dealer with a shop. Amazon and ebay are poor choices to buy a metal detector for many reasons. First off you get zero help with questions before or after the sale on what might be the best model to fit what you might want to do with it. Second if you might be wasting your money on a model that won't do what your looking to do. You might be able to get away with a cheaper one that will do more. Third and most important they are TONS of fake / copied metal detectors from china on ebay and amazon. We have customers all the time call with issues with their machine and then they find out they have been tricked into buying a cheaper china fake metal detector. Fourth you can often save some $ buying from a real metal detector dealer. Always call us and ask what our best deal is, you might save some $ or get some good freebies thrown in! ;)

    After buying your first real metal detector from reputable metal detector dealer that can help you with all your questions getting setup and how to run your metal detector your ready to start the process of selecting good metal detecting sites.

    A good place to start treasure hunting is a site or area that has been used by people for a long periods of time and may or may not be in use today. Other great areas where it can be a good place to start looking to find treasure are areas that have been recently used by lot so of people in recent times.

    Good research pays off

    Researching before going out metal detecting is a GREAT idea. It is always smart to look for information or sources that might give information on older possible metal detecting sites. Some of those ideas to check out can be old mining reports, old local town plans or documents, and of curse older people tat have lived in the area for a good bit. Older people often are a wealth of valuable information on older homes, play grounds, schools, swimming holes and possible hunting sites that used to be there before things been torn down or moved. Armed with great information and knowledge, these can be some of THE best places to go for metal detecting.

    Farm Fields

    Fields or open areas are great place as well. Especially to learn on as they are often cleaner sites. Old Farm fields can one of the most productive places to go for treasure hunting with a metal detector. Some the most valuable treasures and finds have been found in open areas. During crop rotation and turning of the ground, the deeper buried objects that were underneath are sometimes brought closer to the top layers of dirt and can be detected. The only drawback that may happen is damage of the potential treasure by the farm machinery.

    Turned over fields make for easy digging since the soil is not compacted. be sure to ALWAYS get permission from the Often they will lead you to the best spots or give you additional areas to search! It is also a good idea to sign a written agreement with the farmer with set out plans on how all finds found will be kept.

    Almost all fields or open areas have history of some sort. Many have been used for many activities over the past. These include funerals, parties, circuses , civil war camps, trading sites, and school grounds. It is recommended to research of the land first to identify its history. With older maps of the area. Look for common signs of trails such as wagon ruts, things grown in trees and old signs on fence posts.

    Ghost towns

    Deserted towns or ghost towns are often all over if a person looks a bit at older maps and books. Old mining, crossing towns or rail road towns can hold troves of potential treasure and coins. However, some might now be on private land or owned by the the state or town. With the required permission, ghost towns deserted towns can be amazing places to go for metal detecting. Often littered with iron in the ground so they can often be trashy. With the trading and selling of items that used to happen in them, it is possible to find old coins or just about anything really.

    Churches and School yards

    Churches and old school yards are perfect places where often some of the oldest coins can be easily discovered. It is widely known that churches and schools were often built first and are some of the oldest buildings in the towns, providence or community. Often constructed many years before the first homes or stores in the area. Every Sunday and Wednesdays , the church families would conjugate in those buildings carrying offering in the form of coins and valuables. Often The best place to look for old coins in churches or schools is arounds old trees or entrances of buildings. This is where people would rest under the shade to talk and have lunch or children would of course play. Not to mention coins, old relics can also be found around many of your churches. Over the past years, parks have been used for many purposes such as circuses, state fairs, concerts and parties. So of course look at the big trees in the area for hot spots!

    The beach

    The Beach is always everyone's favorite place to detect for good reason, GOLD!!! Most beaches are either private or public and permission can be easily obtained from owners or from local parks. Sometimes permits granted for metal detecting on the salt water beaches are for offshore only. Salt water beaches are AMAZING places to go metal detecting because of the great changes of gold rings and jewelry. Not to mention the very easy digging that can be done. There are numerous ways people can lose things in activities that happen just about every day.

    People enjoying outdoor sports, jogging, or even lying around on their favorite beach towel are causes for some dropped rings, coins, or even chains. Water swelling your fingers and toes often cause missing items that people don't realize. If it is during the busy summer or the holidays season can often make be the best time to go detecting. An hour or 2 in front of sunset before the beach is occupied or immediately after the bigger crowds has left for the day is a great time. After a storm has taken place, there is a possibility that good coins and rings which had been buried deep underwater in the sand are now brought to the surface and shore or closer to the surface at least.

    A good metal detector can find you lots of hidden treasure when used in the right places and in the right way. Make sure you call us to see if your machine will do what you want it to do or for info on buying the right machine for you. Be sure to ask for any deals we have!;)

    Have any other questions about metal detectors or detecting??

    As said many times above, the best locations to go for metal detecting are those older places that have been popular for many years or long long ago. Good research and not to mention luck will identify such metal detecting possibilities.

    Be sure to call us with any questions at 405-206-9010 or email us at with any questions or for current deals in our Big Boys Hobbies metal detecting shop!

    Happy Hunting, Bart