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Monthly Archives: August 2016

  • Finding new and exciting areas to metal detect, the right way.

    Are you an urban detector? hitting up the parks and sports fields and schools? Looking for a bit more history but don't know where to start? Here's our top tips for finding new spots to metal detect!
    1. Check out historical maps. there are many free resources online that have databases of old maps dating back hundreds of years, if your hunting for history, you can gather a lot of insights using these free services. Old schools, churches and battlefields often yield amazing results for historical finds while metal detecting!
    2. Advertise on craigslist! A lot of private property owners would love the chance of someone who wants to politely and respectful metal detect on their land. You can offer to split the haul, clear any trash and give the owner any insights as to what was on the land before they purchased it.
    3. Good old fashion door to door. If you've had your eye on a certain area that's privately owned, don't be afraid to approach the owner and ask permission, what's the worst that can happen! Once you get a property get to know their neighbors as well.  Example, I detected the Jones’s house on the corner and wondered if I might be able to check your yard as well?
    4. BLM / public land. Another great option is publicly owned land. Be very careful and check with local, state and federal laws before digging but a lot of public land is available to detect on, many resources for researching BLM / Public lands are available online for free.
    Do you have any other good tips for finding new spots to metal detect on? feel free to leave us a comment below and let us know!
  • When to repair or replace your metal detector?

    Metal detectors are built to last. especially the older models from whites, garrett and minelab. We've seen detectors in great shape that were built in the 80's from some of the top manufactures. That said, when is it the best time to send in your machine for potentially expensive repairs versus buying a new machine?
    Cost Vs Features
    If your older metal detector is on it's last legs and repairs are upwards of 200 dollars (including shipping both ways) maybe it's time to look into replacing that relic (get it?) chances are, for less money than the repairs themselves you could pickup a modernized metal detector with a lot more functionality than your old one, and sometimes even for less money!
    learning curve Vs tried and tested
    It's not always just about the money when it comes to our hobbies. we grow attached to our equipment and this is especially true for metal detectors. We know the sweet spot's, those signal tones better than our wives beckoned call for dinner. Sometimes, it makes sense to spend those extra few dollars on getting the trusty ol' detector back to it's former glory than jumping ship and buying new.
    As always, if you have any questions about purchasing new equipment, give us a call. we're always happy to help and with years of experience with all the major brands, we may be able to help making that right decision for you.