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Monthly Archives: May 2014

  • Garrett AT Pro and Garrett AT Gold, what is the difference?

    Garrett metal detectors make two very similar but different priced waterproof metal detectors in their AT series detectors. The VERY popular all around metal detector the 15 kHz Garrett AT Pro and the super sensitive 18 kHz Garrett AT GOLD.  While on the outside they look extremely close to each other the inside are very different.

    Both detectors have a iron audio feature which is great for being able to distinguish bottle caps and targets next to iron. The is a VERY valuable feature to use. Also both have a frequency shift to help combat EMI (electro magnetic interference).

    The detectors have adjustable ground balance which helps with target ID and the stability of machine.

    Both are water proof to 10 feet which is perfect for streams  and ponds.


    The Garrett AT Pro

    Running at 15 kHz the Garrett AT Pro is my favorite metal detector in the $600 range and even in some cases much higher prices ranges. Great all around detector for coins and relics. We find it a bit better on silver coins than the Gold.

    It offers two operation modes a standard which resembles the lower Ace series detectors with  non proportional audio to target size and depth. Standard mode has a bit tamer settings for newer detectorists. And the more popular and deeper Pro mode which has proportional audio.

    Inside those two modes are 3 separate modes,  a custom, mode, coin mode and zero mode which is our favorite mode while in Pro mode. Pro zero mode with the discrimination set on 31 is a GREAT setup for almost all types of hunting.

    The AT Pro has a 8.5 x 11" DD coil for great depth and coverage areas in each sweep. The AT Pro does not have a threshold or a true all metal mode where the AT Gold does.

    The AT Pro can ground balance to salt.

    The Garrett AT Gold

    Runs at a higher 18 kHz frequency and makes it super sensitive to small gold and lower conductors. This also make it a better relic metal detector for all the lower conductors like bullets and buttons.

    The AT GOLD has one operation mode with three programs.  A all metal mode, descrim 1 and descrim 2.  The all metal mode is a bit noisy and uses no discrimination but is a bit deeper especially with the threshold. The threshold is adjustable to personal preference as well.

    The AT Gold had a 5x8" DD coil which allows it to have amazing separation in high trash and iron and still get amazing depth. This coil can be used on either the AT Pro or AT Gold but it our preferred coil on either detector.  Ours never comes off.

    The AT Gold can not ground balance to salt.

    If you have any questions feel free to email us at or call us at 405-206-9010.  We can make much better deals than on our site for either metal detector. Be sure to ask!