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MINELAB PRO-SWING 45 harness - an ergonomic detecting harness that allows for weightless metal detecting in superior comfort.



We are delighted to announce the launch of the new PRO-SWING 45 harness - an ergonomic detecting harness that allows for weightless metal detecting in superior comfort through Minelab's revolutionary new W8 distribution system. The MINELAB PRO-SWING 45 is an exciting innovation has been driven by direct feedback from the MINELAB detectorist community, who would like to spend more time detecting in the field. Adjustable to many metal detectors. Perfect for the MINELAB CTX 3030.

Three goals were set to accomplish this, including:

1. Removing the weight of the detector from the arm and shoulder.

2. Offering superior comfort for extended detecting time.

3. Providing a fully adjustable (adjustable to most metal detectors) harness for a personalized fit.

4. Will adjust to just about any metal detector on the market making it very versatilite.

The result is the PRO-SWING 45 with its unique W8 technology (weight distribution system). The ergonomic harness design evenly distributes weight from your shoulder, via the J-strut, making your detecting swing lighter.

More benefits include:

  • 8 adjustment points for a truly personalized fit. 
  • 8 attachment points - carry all of your detecting accessories such as: PRO-FIND 25, finds / trash bag, digging tool, external speaker, WM 10 wireless module, water bottle or flashlight. 
  • Left and right-handed capability with a simple click in J-strut. 
  • Simple bungy adjustment that ensures optimum swing potential and correct posture. 
  • Quick release R-clip to detach detector when recovering targets. 
  • Expertly designed cushioned back and shoulder straps for maximum comfort. 
  • Versatility to attach the harness to any Minelab detector using the universal S-cuff. 


The PRO-SWING 45 has been designed for superior comfort, convenience and functionality. Detecting just got easier with the PRO-SWING 45!

 Gone Huntings review of the Minelab Pro-Swing 45

Minelab review of the Pro-Swing 45

8+8 Versatility

Custom fit your harness through 8 adjustment points and attach other detecting equipment in 8 separate places.

Quick Release R-clip

Easily switch between detecting and digging at the flick of a clip. Clip on to engage W8 technology and clip off for fuss free digging.

Left & Right Capability

Suitable for both left and right handed users with a simple click in J-strut. Follow the easy to assemble instructions for your preference.

Padded Back Cushion

Ultimate comfort and improved ventilation from the extra wide strap and additional padding.

Suits Any Detector

Universal S-cuff attachable to any detector - one size fits all. Simple velcro design allows instant portability.

Simple Bungy Adjustment

One handed operation to quickly adjust detector distance. Ensure correct detecting posture for increased comfort in the field.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Minelab

Customer Reviews

Fast Assembly, Best Harness I've Owned! Review by Sapper
My lovely wife ordered this for me for Valentine's day. (What can I say, she knows me like no other) I had currently been using the Detecting Buddy, but was still getting back and neck pain. I got this put together right away, just make sure you "Snap" that rod into place. This thing is a beast! I really does save your body from the weight of the detector! It puts all the other slings to shame. I have a feeling I'll be putting more hours in detecting this summer, and less time stopping to stretch my neck and back every 10 minutes. Thanks Bart and Evan for the great harness and Lightning Fast Shipping! (Posted on 2/12/2014)
Add to my review Review by WichKans
I wanted to second what jrmcc said about taping the two ends of the rod together, mine would also snap apart but it was not due to a lack of quality of the Pro-Swing it was due to the size of my belly.. I will say again that it was a great add to my equipment, It works GREAT!!! (Posted on 9/30/2013)
Will Extend My Hunting Time Review by Wichkans
I was interested in the Pro-Swing 45 as soon as I saw it on the Minelab website, it was different from the other supports I have seen because of the way it transfers the weight.
It takes a little while to get the Pro-Swing adjusted just right for your body but once you have it setup correctly you can no longer feel the weight of your detector, I run the E-Trac, all you need to do when wearing the Pro-Swing is glide the coil from side to side. The only problem I see is it may not fit someone larger in the chest and waist.
I think it was designed with the skinny Aussi in mind. (Posted on 9/30/2013)
CTX 17" Review by DigginVT
I got the Pro-swing to ease the elbow and shoulder strain from swinging the 17" CTX 3030 coil. The Pro-Swing works GREAT, very easy to swing, all the weight is transfered to your torso. Highly reccommend to anyone with a large coil or physical issues. LARGE COIL, MORE COVERAGE=MORE SIGNALS :) (Posted on 9/27/2013)
Top Notch Product Review by KeyBored
Ordered the harness from BigBoyshobbies it arrived a few days later. The PS-45 assembled with ease and I had my CTX attached and made several practice swings at the house before heading out. The PS was very comfortable and after I had used it for about an hour or so I made a couple of adjustments and it made it even more comfortable. The CTX was almost weightless, and the adjustment from uphill to downhill swinging was easy and completed in a few seconds. I would recommend this PS-45 to almost anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors "swinging". My thanks to Bart for taking such good care of my purchase and keeping me informed on the status. (Posted on 9/27/2013)
excellent product Review by jrmcc
I have been using the hip stick on my GPX,I saw the pro-swing and watched the videos.I decided to see if it was better than the hip stick.It set up easy(a few minutes and a couple of tries and it fit good) and works as good or better than the hip stick for removing the weight from shoulder and arm.The only problem I had was when i bent over the two parts of the rod came apart,minelab should have made them lock.I don't know if anyone else had this problem or not but I taped the parts together and it works fine.The price is more than I would like but it is worth it,anything that helps me at 69 to hunt with less pain is worth the price. (Posted on 9/26/2013)
Genius product Review by Detectorssaga
Pro swing is awesome. I have the Sovereign Gt with a homemade meter and the Sun-ray probe. With the monster butterfly coil. The Pro swing is is a big relief with all the gear. And the handy pouch I'm using for my extra battery pack and AAA battery's. thanks again to everyone at BigBoy Hobbies. Sincerely Richard W. (Posted on 9/26/2013)
Excellent Product! Review by Greg
I received my Pro-Swing from Bart a Big Boy Hobbies a few days ago just in time to hunt a large 1863 property. It took me about 15 minutes to assemble and adjust for my ETRAC and it fit well with my Sunray X-1 probe.

Right out of the box it's easy to tell that it's of excellent quality. My initial concerns were that the rig may chafe or bind up when moving about or digging.

All this concerns went away the first 30 minutes into my hunt. My ETRAC is virtually weightless. There is no undue rubbing nor do I feel weighted down or attached to the rig.

The quick detach of the detector is a breeze and very well thought out. 90% of the time when digging I didn't have to remove the detector at all because the bungee gives you lots of room. I found it easier to detach at the detector end rather than the harness shoulder clip. All adjustments are quick and easy to make in the field.

I'm 6" and detecting was done on a hot, dry summer day wearing a tshirt. After 5 hrs I felt no chaffing or sore spots and the tightness I usually get in my forearm from the ETRAC with the X1 probe and large coil was reduced by about 80% or more.

My only criticism is that Minelab should include a belt mounted finds bag with the rig. I found a MOLLE mount tactical "dump" bag and added that to the rig. (Posted on 9/9/2013)
Sets up Quickly... Review by Evan "Gonehunting"
I couldn't stand it and had to order it. I got it today and within 5 minutes it was together, withing 15 I had it set up perfectly. I am really impressed how the weight arm causes the weight to "disappear" on the harness.. no tugging on one side or unevenness. At first, yes, but with all of the adjustments to the harness itself then the adjustments to the arm.. even a little made huge difference!! Now its settled... I love it.
Now to add a finds bag.. :) thumbs up to ML for this harness....
Evan (Posted on 8/13/2013)

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